Locksmiths 24/7
throughout London and surrounding areas
phone 0203 026 5147 Сall the master

Emergency Locksmith London 24/7

Arrival in 15 minutes or at a time convenient for you

  • Round-the-clock emergency call out
    • 72 locksmiths are on 24/7 duty across London

    • We guarantee fast response to an emergency call regardless of the time of day and weather conditions

  • Specialist arrival within 20 minutes from the moment of a call.

Non-destructive gain of entry

  • Prompt solutions to lock-related problems
    • Foreign objects in the keyhole such as glue, matches, etc

    • Jamming of a door lock due to wear of mechanical components.

    • Broken key removal

    • Replacement of lost or stolen keys

  • Quality Assurance
    • Any work performed is backed by a 1-year warranty

    • We only use high-quality replacements parts

Competitive prices

  • Comprehensive service
    • Emergency lockout assistance

    • Lock repair and installation

    • 24-hour customer support

  • Direct partnerships with the suppliers of locking devices and original parts allow us to keep the service costs at the lowest possible value for our customers
  • The locksmith determines the total cost after an on-site assessment
  • The price won’t change over the course of work
  • No hidden fees and extra charges
  • The final price depends on the complexity of work which is mainly determined by the type and number of door locks
  • No call out charge if the agreement is made on the provision of services upon the arrival of a locksmith

Large selection of door locks

    • Over 350 models from leading manufacturers
    • Replacement lock is selected based on the features of a front door, taking into account security requirements
    • New locks come with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty
    • Same day delivery and installation
  • Without having to Call a locksmith again
    • Experienced specialists perform opening of the lock and other types of locksmithing work.

    • All employees are equipped with a special tool to restore and replace the fittings directly to the place.

  • The master has it with him:
    • More than 320 models from lock brands - Cisa, Mottura, Kale, Apecs, Abloy, Securemme, Elbor and Others.

    • Handles, armour plates and accessories always in stock

Our advantages

  • 24/7 availability
    • Professionalism
      • Fair prices
        • Confidentiality
          • Full range of locksmith services
            • Free consultation

Price list

Emergency locksmith

from £49

  • ✔️Cylinder lock openingfrom £120
  • ✔️Lever lock openingfrom £400
  • ✔️Electromechanical lock openingfrom £500
  • ✔️Combination lock openingfrom £200
  • ✔️Garage tubular type lock openingfrom £250
  • ✔️Armour plate installationfrom £270
  • ✔️Door latch openingfrom £100


from £79

  • Car door openingfrom £200
  • Double locking mechanism openingfrom £400
  • Anti-theft systems resetfrom £300
  • Bonnet lock openingfrom £250
  • Boot lock removalfrom £300
  • gas tank, trunk and glove box openingfrom £150
  • Gearbox blocker, steering wheel, wheels releasefrom £400

Key cutting

from £8

  • Metal cabinetsfrom £200
  • 5 lever mortice lockfrom £220
  • Mechanical locksfrom £300
  • Electronic locksfrom £400

Lock replacement

from £100

  • Cylinder lockfrom £100
  • Lever locksfrom £120
  • Electromechanical locksfrom £300
  • Code locksfrom £240
  • Tubular locks (garage locks)from £300
  • Door latchesfrom £100
  • Armoured bookmarksfrom £100
  • Lock fittingfrom £110

Locks and doors repair

from £80

  • Cylindersfrom £90
  • Leversfrom £100
  • Hinges replacementfrom £110
  • Upholstery restorationfrom £120
  • Weldingfrom £110
  • Cladding restorationfrom £110

Honest – Professional – Affordable

Documents for customers

Cash and non-cash payments

Warranty and service up to 3 years











Our company has a full staff of locksmith professionals for opening locks in London and the surrounding areas. The master will arrive at any area of the city within 25 minutes with all the necessary tools and equipment to solve the issue accurately and efficiently. Contacting locksmith services London is a quick and convenient way for handling any emergency associated with the locks. We guarantee a prompt response to a call, high-quality service, fair prices and honesty. Our London locksmith team is available 24/7, including weekends and holidays. The company has been assisting local residents since 2012; over the years, we have gained extensive experience in dealing with various locking mechanisms, security systems and customer relations. Dial 0203 026 5147 for a qualified locksmith in London.


If you are looking for a locksmith to open doors, locks, cars, garages, or you need help repairing locking devices, replacing locks on armoured doors in London, then you are on the right path. You can get qualified locksmith services with a call out by contacting our London service centre. You just need to make a request and our dispatcher will route the nearest available locksmith to your address.

Many years of experience allows us to provide competent assistance 24 hours a day with the quick arrival of the specialist in all locations of London. Our priority is a flawless performance of work and, above all, promptness. We work as a team to ensure maximum punctuality and the highest quality all year round. Our London organization is composed exclusively of qualified locksmith technicians – the best experts in locking systems.

We are equipped with modern mobile workshops offering affordable locksmith services. If you are experiencing issues with the lock in the door of your London house, it is necessary to turn to experts that will act without damaging the lock or structure, in order to avoid difficulties and additional spending associated with the purchase of a new lock.

Our locksmith technicians can open and repair any door locks in a house, office, car, garage or store. We will regain entry in the matter of minutes after the arrival. If the lock is beyond repair, we will select and install a new mechanism. Locks are the most important component of a security door, and today there is a wide variety of budget models; however, we recommend using burglar-proof locking mechanisms with protection against bumping and decoding.

Some websites give advice on how to repair or replace locks yourself, but remember that there is a risk of ruining everything and then spending ten times as much to fix broken locks. Therefore, we recommend calling a locksmith for your home, who can quickly intervene with all the necessary equipment; do not waste time if you need help. When you are locked out of the house and have lost the keys to the door of your London apartment, do not try to enter through the window, risking your health, call at 0203 026 5147 and we will send you a specialist in London as soon as possible.

Lock replacement is necessary in cases where the mechanism is outdated and its safety has decreased, when the lock does not work correctly and if the keys have gotten into the wrong hands; there are many other reasons why it is desirable to replace the locks. In any event, if you notice that the protection of the door is under threat, it’s time to turn to reputable experts in London to diagnose the locking devices.

When door locks are damaged or not fully functional, your safety is at risk as they may not work as they should. Feel free to call us any time for professional assistance if the front door won’t close, the key is stuck, or the lock is jamming.

Our employees have extensive experience in working with locking systems. They are equipped with the latest tools, technologies and products to make quality replacement and repair of door mechanisms – all your locksmith needs will be met in full. When local London business owners and residents want to take action to improve the security of their property, they can call our highly trained professionals to change the lock. Based on your needs, we remove old, inadequate or broken hardware and replace it with new locking systems that are designed to increase your safety.

Our licensed lock specialists have been trained to understand all the security issues of changing locks that can arise in your home and business. For example, you can contact 24/7 Locksmith London to replace the lock on the front metal door of your London apartment. With the help of a mobile locksmith service, it is possible to solve security issues of metal, glass, plastic, wooden doors, storage cabinets, mailboxes, garages and gates. Also, we can change locks on any type of truck or car.

Since most people nowadays have metal doors with a sophisticated locking system, such doors must function flawlessly to fit their purpose. Your door lock, regardless of whether it is of high quality or a basic model, must always be in perfect working order and carry out its protective functions; otherwise, the mechanism may cause its owner a headache. If you are experiencing problems with the door lock, it’s time to contact our locksmith team for replacement or repair

We repair or replace locking devices of any complexity, on all door types and know how to deal with complex security systems, including electronic, that provide an increased level of protection. If you have any concerns about the performance of the door lock and want to improve the security of your property, dial 0203 026 5147 to contact a locksmith team near you for repair and replacement service. The call out of an emergency locksmith in London is possible 24 hours a day.