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Arrival in 15 minutes or at a time convenient for you

  • We guarantee the timely arrival of the master
    • 72 employees are distributed across London.

    • Over 3 employees work around the clock in every district and city near London.

  • GPS monitoring and control system
    • The GPS monitoring system monitors the specialist's movements and monitors the timeliness of arrival on the call.

  • Specialist arrival 15 minutes or at a time convenient for you
    • The employee who opens the lock will arrive in 15 minutes or at any time convenient for you!

    • The result of well-established interaction between our service, logistics and modern technical platform specialists.

We open 99% of locks - without damage

  • Locks of protection levels 1-4
    • A complete set of tools enables a specialist to carefully open the lock.

    • The foreman works with internal mechanisms - no damage to the door.

  • Gently opening a broken lock
    • Foreign objects in the keyhole - glue, matches, broken key, etc.

    • The lock is stuck or jammed - wear and tear on internal mechanisms.

    • The key is stuck - the geometry of the key is broken.

    • The mechanism does not work - the key is not turned or turned.

  • Problem solution
    • The master only influences the secrecy mechanism

    • Minimal damage

Reasonable prices - from £100

  • Complex service

    The price includes:

    • A 100% solution to your lock problems without additional costs.

    • Official guarantee for opening and fittings.

    • 24-hour service support.

  • Official Price
    • Current prices on the website.

    • A price list with a stamp is available for each employee.

  • Lowest price in the city
    • We work with manufacturers and importers of fittings, which allows masters to offer them to you according to affordable prices.

  • Total service cost
    • The master names the final price before work.

    • The price is calculated based on 3 parameters: type of lock, its level of burglary resistance and complexity of breakage.

Repair and replacement of locks - on site

  • Without having to call the master again
    • Experienced specialists perform opening of the lock and other types of locksmithing work.

    • All employees are equipped with a special tool to restore and replace the fittings directly to the place.

  • The master has it with him:
    • More than 320 models from lock brands - Cisa, Mottura, Kale, Apecs, Abloy, Securemme, Elbor and Others.

    • Handles, protective and decorative overlays, fittings and accessories.

Reliable masters with over 5 years of experience

  • Carefully selected staff
    • The specialists are officially on the company's staff and are legally registered.

    • The employees have been inspected by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and have no problems with the law.

  • Training of professionals and tools
    • Our employees have received special training and have been certified in our own training centre.

    • Specialists annually improve their qualifications with manufacturers of lock fittings. We take part in as experts in the international professional association of key systems specialists Masod.org.

    • Our company employs employees with over 5 years of experience.

    • Specialists use modern and professional tools to open doors when working with with fittings of any level of complexity.

  • Call a specialist - no worries
    • When ordering, the operator provides the data of the specialist who will come to the call.

    • Each employee of the company is in possession of a company card, passport and official documents organizations.

    • Protection against illegal duplication - a specialist opens the door if necessary installs a new one and gives you a set of keys in a sealed package.

Excellent prices for opening locks

Emergency locksmith

from £89

  • ✔️Opening of cylinder locksfrom £120
  • ✔️Opening of the suvald lockfrom £400
  • ✔️Opening of the electromechanical lockfrom £500
  • ✔️Opening of the code lockfrom £200
  • ✔️Opening of the garage type tabulary lockfrom £250
  • ✔️Additional protection (armour plate, plate)from £270
  • ✔️Door latchfrom £100


from £79

  • Salon doorfrom £200
  • Salon door with double blockerfrom £400
  • Salon door with anti-protection doorfrom £300
  • Automobile locks on the bonnetfrom £250
  • Boot locksfrom £300
  • Locks in the petrol tank, glove box, car boxfrom £150
  • Gearbox blocker, steering wheel, wheelsfrom £400

Key cutting

from £8

  • Metal cabinetsfrom £200
  • 2 suvaldnyh locksfrom £220
  • Mechanical code locksfrom £300
  • Electronic code locksfrom £400

Lock replacement

from £100

  • Flat cylinder lockfrom £100
  • Suvaldnye locksfrom £120
  • Electromechanical locksfrom £300
  • Code locksfrom £240
  • Tubular locks (garage locks)from £300
  • Door latchesfrom £100
  • Armoured bookmarksfrom £100
  • Adjustment of the seating positionfrom £110

Repair of door locks and doors

from £80

  • Cylindersfrom £90
  • Suvald mechanism from £100
  • Hinge settingfrom £110
  • Adjustment of the fabricfrom £120
  • Welding workfrom £110
  • Cladding workfrom £110

Safe - Officially - Convenient

Documents for customers

Cash and non-cash payments

Warranty and service up to 3 years










Urgent opening of door locks of any complexity

Opening of locks by our locksmith

Urgent opening of the door locks of any complexityIn each case, it may be necessary to open the locks in a flat, car, or safe type. TOP reasons:

  • Lost keys
  • .
  • keys broke;
  • .
  • jamming of the key in the well;
  • wear of the cylinder lock and the larvae needs to be replaced
  • closure of the mechanism.

The choice of a specialist who can gently open a broken lock.

There are unscrupulous door opening firms that answer the question of how much a service costs the most low prices for opening locks and thus trying to attract customers. Remember that cheap does not mean qualitatively. Professional work with locking devices requires special knowledge and modern technology. tools. Breaking a locking device with a high degree of secrecy requires a specialist to use different tools methods. Cheap opening service is offered by specialists without qualifications. This service is a door break-in. This is . will result in the need to replace the lock mechanism and the front door. This is the way to treat dishonest people. a locksmith who can only break into a locking device?

Why they choose us:

  • we can call a foreman to open the lock 24 hours a day;
  • guarantee quality - we can open the locks without damaging the iron door.