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Aluminium door lock replacement

Aluminium door lock replacement
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The 24/7 Locksmith London provides professional services for replacing aluminium door lock mechanisms in London. The accumulated experience allows us to provide customers with the highest level of service. Replacement of the lock is performed using reliable mechanisms, taking into account the characteristic of the aluminium material. We aim for accurate selection of the door lock and execution of work with minimal changes in insertion slots to maintain the integrity of the aluminium door structure. This is facilitated by our professional-grade tools and a wide range of products from different door manufacturers.


  • Natural wear and tear of aluminium components with intensive use over a long period. Over time, defects appear that cause the mechanism to malfunction threatening complete jamming of the lock.
  • Mechanical breakdowns resulting from the improper installation and operation of the aluminium door, as well as the effects of various natural factors such as moisture, dust, etc. Often, it is impractical to repair the lock, and the best solution is to replace it with a new mechanism.
  • Lost or stolen keys. They can fall into the hands of burglars who will take advantage of the situation to enter the home. Even if the keys are in the hands of third parties for a short time, duplicates can be easily made. Therefore, if there is no recoding option that allows changing the secret and the design does not provide for a replaceable cylinder or replaceable block (for lever-type products), then it is necessary to change the door lock.
  • It is also recommended to change the mechanism in the door of a rented apartment or room after tenants leave.
  • Break-in attempts with the aim of unauthorized entry into the room. For better protection, in addition to a new lock, it is advisable to install protective fittings or mortise armour plates.
  • An outdated and no longer reliable aluminium door lock. In order to increase burglary resistance, the designs of locks are constantly being improved, but, unfortunately, new methods of picking them are invented as well. Therefore, replacing the old lock with a modern model will ensure a more reliable safety of things in a house or apartment. We offer the latest developments in reinforcing aluminium door structures with protection against burglary.
  • Receiving or buying an apartment, private house or office. The developer or previous owner can’t guarantee that the key did not fall into the wrong hands.

Features of replacing mechanism in the aluminium door:

  • The procedure for dismantling the old mechanism and installing a new aluminium door lock requires performing different operations and entails many nuances that can be solved by our masters who have extensive experience in installing aluminium elements in different door designs. Interchangeability is the most optimal way to replace a lock. But, very often, the lock, similar in size and type of construction won’t fit perfectly in place of the old mechanism. In such cases, our locksmith will perform all the necessary work for resizing and altering the insertion slot in the aluminium door.
  • The presence of a vertical drive (crab system) can sometimes lead to the need for disassembling the door. They differ in fastening methods and finishing. Some manufacturers glue the panels, others fix them with profiles and rivets. On many aluminium door models, disassembling the rear part requires removing the front panel. Such work is carried out very carefully so as not to damage the coating. The optimal mechanism for this type of door is selected based on many parameters: the presence of mounting holes, installation space, etc.
  • If the locking mechanism breaks down, the door usually remains in good condition and meets all the requirements for strength and reliability. If it is in working order and has a presentable appearance, then it is advisable to replace only the lock, which will save time and money needed to install a new aluminium door.

Things to consider when buying a new lock:

  • Door thickness.
  • The gap between the aluminium elements and the frame.
  • The dimensions of the previous locking mechanism; the height of the case and the depth of the keyhole.
  • Slot dimensions of the lock counterpart (a hole in the frame for the crossbar), this is a very important point. It is necessary to take into account the thickness of the crossbars of the old mechanism, compare it with the possibility of expanding the counterpart and only then take a device with a certain diameter of the crossbars.
  • Key length, if it is a lever-type mechanism.
  • Length and offset of the core.
  • Certain protective fittings require a minimal structure thickness of 40 mm.

Our craftsmen will always select the correct type of mechanism in order to optimally replace the old device. The experience of the locksmiths allows for restoring the functionality of mechanisms of various types, including the latest models. We will arrive at a convenient time and after inspecting the structure, immediately offer the options available for installation. All work is backed with a 6-month warranty period. We select products according to customer requirements and cooperate with all well-known manufacturers, whose products are certified and meet the requirements for burglary resistance and reliability in operation.