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Lock service Lockservice provides an official company guarantee for all types of services: opening locks, replacing and installing locks and cylinders, recoding locks, as well as repairing locks and doors.

Guarantee for the services of opening, dismantling, replacement or repair of door hardware:

Our experienced team of craftsmen works exclusively with professional tools and modern technologies. After all the work performed, we issue an official document confirming the performance of the service and a valid warranty (from 3 to 36 months, depending on the type of service), which includes full service around the clock.

Warranty for locks and other accessories:

When buying locks, cylinders and other door accessories from us, we provide a factory warranty from the manufacturer.

If you install door fittings with certain product requirements (for example, fire-resistant doors, etc.), we can provide certificates for the product and its compliance with the stated requirements for safety tests, if necessary.

The warranty does not apply in the following cases:

– Independent attempt to repair locks.
– Criminal lock-breaking or other third-party interference in the lock – clogging the keyhole with foreign objects, pouring mounting foam or glue into the lock, etc.
– Skewing of the soil under the house or incorrect installation of the door-the lock holes and crossbars diverge and block the entire locking mechanism.
– When installing door fittings purchased by You at the market or in a store, we only guarantee the service provided.

In case of detection of factory defects in door accessories (the locking mechanism is jammed, the lock is scrolled and does not open, the key gets stuck, etc.), our master comes, performs free opening of the lock and free replacement with a new one.