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Our company specializes in key cutting for car locks, front doors and intercoms. Key blanks and professional equipment from leading European manufacturers ensure high speed of cutting, the highest accuracy and minimization of the human factor. For you, this means that a copy made in our workshop will work in the lock smoothly and accurately, without disrupting the correct operation of the mechanism. Call at 02039948844 for a reliable service.


If our ancestors didn’t invent a lock and a key many centuries ago, then it is unlikely that we would have the slightest idea of ​​a worry-free life. Not to mention the fact that no one would have thought of such a thing as private property.

Today, there is a great variety of various locking systems. Fortunately for all of us, there is no single key to all doors. Almost everyone has been in a situation where, after a long search in the pockets and compartments of the bag, you realize: there is no key. It is lost quite often, the key may break, or there are situations when it is urgently required to make duplicate keys.

Whatever lock protects your home or property, we will make the key to it. Most importantly, this service will not entail any high costs. Key cutting charges for the simplest and most common lock types start from 6 pounds; the process takes about 2 minutes! The exact manufacturing cost varies depending on the type of key required. For example, key cutting of a more complex and reliable perforated type (depending on the manufacturer of your lock) will cost you no more than 10 pounds.

Any key maker will tell you that the future belongs to the products with an electronic code, which most of us use to open the front door of the house. Key cutting for an intercom is a more complicated process compared to making a regular key with jagged edges. It’s all about the unique programmed code that is embedded in the key chip. That is why you can’t open other people’s doors with the same duplicate. If the code is not applied, taking into account all the subtleties of this case, then you most likely will not be able to open your door, therefore, to avoid such difficulties, contact our service. Production of a personal key fob with an electronic code will cost from 14 to 25 pounds.

If you are the owner of a modern car, it means that you also have a chip key. Many people entrust the manufacture of chips exclusively to authorized dealers. However, this can result in several weeks of waiting and some significant amount of money that you have to spend. In 24/7 Locksmith London, the cost of key cutting with a chip is very democratic by today’s standards, and the result will not be long in coming.

We will take on work of any complexity and make for you cross, perforated, disc and lever type key duplicates for a safe, car, front door, etc. Our company guarantees a fast and high-quality production of duplicates; charges will not cause you an unpleasant surprise. When contacting us, each client has the right to expect that his order will be completed at the highest level.