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For more than 8 years, qualified specialists of our locksmith company have been providing safe lock opening service in your city. The prices for the services of our professionals are comparable to the offers of private traders and online services for the selection of safe specialists, but unlike them, we give an official guarantee, for up to 2 years, on all completed job orders.


Before starting work on opening the safe, you must present the locksmith with documents certifying that you are its owner. A safe is often a necessity for an organization, as well as for individuals. It is appropriate to store valuables, documents or weapons in the safe. Manufacturers of various safe models strive to improve their products protecting the lock from picking and from opening the door and walls of the safe. Under such circumstances, a lost key, broken lock, or forgotten safe combination seem like a severe problem. However, for our locksmith team, it is quite realistic to come up with the solution. If you need to open a safe with minimal losses, then the masters of the 24/7 Locksmith London are at your service.

Most safe models have sophisticated locking mechanisms, so it is recommended that you refrain from trying to open the safe lock yourself since there is a high probability of damaging the lock mechanism and complicating the task for the locksmith. Unqualified intervention can lead to the fact that it will become impossible to open a safe lock without using barbaric methods.

As a rule, something valuable is stored in the safe, and therefore, it is not wise to entrust the emergency opening to masters from a little-known locksmith company. It is important not only to carefully open the safe, preferably without damaging the lock and keeping intact the items ​placed in the safe but also not to risk becoming an object of attention for fraudsters. By turning to little-known companies, as well as to private craftsmen to open the safe, you run the risk of getting low-quality services. The 24/7 Locksmith London has been operating in our city for over 8 years. Many residents of the city trust us. The dispatch centre accepts calls around the clock. You can request the locksmith at any time and ask your questions. We employ only qualified masters.

Most often, the owners initially try to open the safe on their own. For this, various auxiliary materials are used: hairpins, paper clips, needles, etc. Sometimes, if the safe has a small degree of protection against burglary (for example, a furniture type), it can really work. But in most cases, unprofessional manipulation will only damage the safe lock.

Sometimes, safe owners do not risk seeking help from specialized locksmith services for fear of information leakage. Instead, they invite a friend who will cut down the door. In this case, there is no guarantee that the documents and valuables inside the safe will not be damaged, and one thing for sure, the product itself will no longer be usable. Such non-professional intervention will only increase the cost of repairs and the risk of losing valuable items stored in the safe.

Coded electronic locks are the most reliable safe locking devices. They can be supplemented with various functions that increase burglary resistance of the safe, such as blocking, door opening delay, etc. The disadvantage of the electronic locking mechanism is its dependence on the power supply. If you get power from batteries, you need to monitor their charge level. The electronic coded mechanism can’t be opened by a simple selection of the code. If the safe combination is entered incorrectly, the locking system is blocked for 5 minutes. In the event of a repeated error, the safe is blocked for 10 minutes, and so on incrementally. As a rule, spot drilling is used to open the electronic safe lock. Most often, in this case, the mechanism will have to be changed, but otherwise, the safe will remain functional.

Professional craftsmen of our company will open a safe lock using a set of special tools. Moreover, each type of mechanism has its own set. For example, key mechanisms are opened with different master keys or blanks. The coded safe mechanisms are unlocked using special equipment capable of picking up the combination. In cases where the door can’t be opened, the walls of the safe are drilled out. To do this, the locksmith makes 1-3 small holes in a certain place with a special drill, inserts a tool and opens the safe lock. Then, wedge-shaped plugs are inserted into these holes and welded. This, to some extent, strengthens the burglary resistance of the safe because it will be difficult to drill in that same place again. Sometimes, the safe can’t be opened without breaking the lock. For example, if pieces of a broken key are stuck in it. In that case, the locksmith, with the consent of the owner, will replace the safe lock after opening.