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24/7 Locksmith London provides smart lock installation services for London residents at affordable prices. Smart lock systems are convenient for controlling access to the apartment. Modern front door security means the safety of your property and the loved ones. Electronic door lock models are becoming increasingly popular among buyers because they offer the most reliable protection, and acquiring one is definitely a smart decision. Locking mechanisms can serve for a long time, but sooner or later, they have to be changed. Some try to do it on their own, but it is better to consult a specialist since such a task requires a professional approach. Call at 02039948844 for high-quality service near you; we will help you to secure your property and achieve peace of mind.


Before deciding on the smart lock model, it is advisable to get acquainted with the variety of electronic lock mechanisms and their components because these features will affect the smart lock installation process.

  • Electromagnetic smart protection device. The structure contains a strong magnet that attracts the steel plate installed on the door. Most often they are used for doors that allow a large flow of people, including front entrances and public buildings.
  • Electromechanical smart protection device. This is a simple lock located on the door which is controlled by a valve or motor drive. Such a smart lock is mainly intended in places with a limited flow of passing people.
  • Electronic lock can be surface-mounted or mortise type.
  • Smart lock can be coded, biometric or with a key card.

Any electronic lock consists of a magnetic or mechanical drive and electrics. All of the above types will differ in the way the protective device is installed. This device has a lot of advantages, the main of which is the absolute reliability because it is impossible to pick the mechanism. Smart systems are opened with:

  • Special card.
  • Specific code.
  • Electronic key or key fob.
  • Fingerprint or other biometrics.

Such modern security design can’t be compared with outdated mechanical locking mechanisms. Devices without a cylinder are considered to be the best; they are invisible and therefore safe because the absence of the cylinder confuses burglars. Such a smart lock can only be opened by the owner of the house using a code, smartphone or fingerprint.

Smart lock installation on a door and its steps depend on the type of device. In any case, this work should be done by a professional. The process is as follows:

  • Precise choice of the location for the lock.
  • Marking for drilling holes, depending on the model of the device.
  • Drilling holes for all kinds of elements.
  • Fitting of parts, their maximum adjustment, the approbation of action in a loose state.
  • Laying of power supply wires.
  • Check in action if the adjustment of elements is necessary.

Only professional smart lock installation by experienced craftsmen can ensure a high level of security and guarantee the smooth, correct operation of the lock. For the smooth functioning of the entire smart system connected to an intercom or alarm, the services of a qualified technician with special equipment and experience will be required; after all, the reliability of the locking system and your safety will depend on this.

The company offers services for the assembly of modern locking mechanisms of any type on doors in London around the clock and guarantees a prompt response to an emergency. We use professional equipment which ensures efficiency and quality of the work. Our team is always on guard for the safety of your family!

How to keep the key secret? One of the more popular smart device types, the keypad lock is very reliable, but also very attractive to crooks. They manage to read the code because certain buttons are worn or dirty. You need to monitor the state of the buttons, regularly clean them of dirt and change them when they are heavily used.

The electronic card key smart lock is also in high demand. However, it can also be hacked. “Craftsmen” can use a special technique and intercept the signal while opening the device and make a similar key card. It is unlikely and costly for thieves, but possible.

Other models of electronic mechanisms have a more sophisticated design and can’t be picked. The disadvantage of some electronic protection models is the negative effects of low temperatures; interruptions in the operation of the locking mechanism may occur. High humidity and low temperatures can cause the magnetic card to malfunction. Therefore, it is not recommended to install an electronic lock with a key card on the door of a country house or outdoors. In this case, you can install a smart lock with an opening mechanism on the key fobs.