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Upvc door lock repairs & replacement

Upvc door lock repairs & replacement
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Call a professional repair service near you if a UPVC door has broken, the sash has dropped, the mechanism doesn’t lock, or what is worse, does not open, the hinge has fallen apart, the handle has fallen off, does not pull, or the door closer slams. A locksmith will restore the correct operation of the UPVC door lock with the replacement of components, such as hinges, handles, cylinders with keys, closers and other UPVC elements. We can help you to replace the double-glazed window or the “sandwich” panel of the plastic door sash, multi-point door lock mechanisms and fix UPVC door with a parallel – sliding principle of opening (portal).


Any lock mechanism may require replacement over time, and the breakdowns are always painful for the owner and require a prompt intervention of the professional locksmith. Our manager leads the order from an acquaintance with the customer to the installation of the lock and finishes work on the object only when he is convinced that the order is completed and the customer is satisfied. He goes to the object for preliminary measurements, makes an order, organizes delivery, installation, and hands over the object to the customer.

Such a service can’t be offered by every company. At the moment, there are a huge number of companies on the market that produce lock mechanisms for plastic structures, but choosing the right model that would meet your exact requirements for safety, heat and sound insulation is not an easy task. We will help you with the choice of plastic products that are optimal in quality and price corresponding exactly to your requests. This service is the simplest solution – trust a professional, and he will organize everything. You just have to control and observe how the work is being done and accept the result.

Correctly assembled fittings, carefully installed striking plates and correct distribution of loads are of great importance for the quality operation of the lock. All these activities must be carried out during the assembly of the product in the production, and after the installation. Unfortunately, this is not always done, or it is done incorrectly, in any case, after a certain period of operation, it may be necessary to fine-tune the fitting of the hardware mechanisms and align the edges with the frame. We can set the geometric parameters to the desired position using special adjustment units on plastic fittings. If such manipulation is insufficient for alignment, it is necessary to adjust by redistributing the loads. With this adjustment, the glazing beads are removed, and the sash is levelled by installing spacers, and the sash changes its geometry. Also, during adjustment, the pressure of the sash to the frame can increase or decrease, but this adjustment must be made very carefully so as not to increase the load on the fittings and sealing rubber.


1. Replacement of the UPVC door lock handles. Bracket handles for plastic and aluminium structures equipped with a single point lock. They can be semicircular, n-shaped and triangular with a centre distance of 250, 300 and 350 mm. White or brown.

2. Replacement of the push-fit UPVC door. Push set for entrance and interoffice plastic and aluminium structures equipped with a single-point and multi-point lock devices. Colour: white or brown. Center distance: 85 or 92 mm. Cover width from 22 to 35 mm.

3. UPVC door hinges replacement. Hinges for a plastic entrance door can be white or brown in colour.

4. Door lock change. Single-point mechanisms and deadbolt latches for UPVC structures. Center distance:  92 mm or 85 mm. The width of the outer bar is 16mm. The dornmass is 25, 28, 30, 35, 40 or 45 mm. for UPVC door with push fittings.

5. Cylinder replacement of the lock with or without drilling. The cylinders can be of different lengths, and the centre can be equilateral, for example, 40/40, or with an offset, for example, 35/55.

6. Replacement of the fastener of an aluminium and plastic door. It holds the passive leaf of double-leaf structures and can be surface-mounted, built-in or integrated into the fittings.

Restoration of UPVC balcony structures, which are installed in the apartment, is almost identical to work on plastic windows, the only difference is in size and accessories. During the process, as a rule, the locksmith will adjust the sash fittings increasing the pressure. A partial “remounting” of the UPVC door is possible to eliminate the draft with the replacement of the seal. If necessary, the fittings, double-glazed windows, sealing rubber, handles and lock mechanisms can all be replaced.

Restoration of the front UPVC entrances is conducted on the products that are installed in shops, tents and offices. They bear excessive operational loads associated with high traffic, at the same time, they must retain heat in the room and must carry protective functions. Therefore, in the manufacture of a plastic entrance door, a wider sash profile is used, special hinges, lock mechanisms and handles are installed. External weather factors, vandalism, and improper use can lead to a malfunction in the operation of plastic products. Handles, hinges, mechanisms, closers, sandwich panels and double-glazed windows suffer the most. A broken plastic structure brings a lot of inconvenience to its owner, but visitors can also suffer. In any case, if there is a breakdown, you should immediately contact the locksmith.  It is possible to replace all attachments and avoid unnecessary spending.

The locksmith will perform diagnostics of malfunction, hinges adjustment and replacement, lock replacement, cylinders change in case of a loss of keys, installation of the door lock with one or more locking points (single-point and multi-point), replacement of handles and push-fit sets, adjustment of the closer, replacement of the filling and sealing rubber.

The specialists of our company drive out to the object as quickly as possible, identify the cause of the breakdown, and restore the correct operation of the lock immediately, if possible. We will perform such work as removing and installing the cylinder if the keys to the lock were lost, replacing the mechanism, hinges, adjusting the frame if the structure has stopped closing or opening correctly, replacing the closer and much more. We provide emergency lock services in your area on a 24/7 basis and have all the technical capabilities for favourable results.

By contacting our locksmith company, you will receive qualified advice and high-quality service. There is always a huge assortment of lock mechanisms, handles, cylinders, hinges and closers – everything that is needed to fix a plastic product quickly and with proper quality. The vast experience in solving the most difficult situations of eliminating malfunctions, accumulated over almost 10 years of working with products from PVC profiles, allows our craftsmen to achieve positive results even in the most challenging cases. If you need services of the professional, contact us, and we will provide you with fully qualified information and offer options. We can be reached at 02039948844.